We have all dreamed of that magical relationship with a horse - a partnership and connection that inspires and challenges each of us to become more aware of ourselves and the horses in our lives.

Now your dreams can come true with the proven tips, techniques and tools that are featured in the highly acclaimed Horse and Rider Awareness® program.

You will learn how to “do it yourself” and become more aware of how your riding position, influence, and reactions affect a horse's balance and responses. As a result, your horse will quickly become more comfortable to ride and easier to influence!

Confessions of an FEI Rider

Betsy Hudson & Hudson BayWhen the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

Have you ridden for (decades?) and wondered when you would at last feel like you really knew something? Did that last bit of knowledge always seem beyond reach? I rode seriously for decades and knew there must be something missing, but what? In lessons, words like "More leg!" didn't bring lasting results. Sure, I won lots of ribbons, but something was missing.

Who would have guessed when I somewhat disdainfully took a "free" lesson on "a barrel" that I would swallow my pride and ask, "When can we work again?" I discovered from Randi Thompson things that instructors had "hinted" of ("There is a lot more to using your legs than just squeezing," but in lessons we seemed never to get to that...), and opened new doors leading to more sensitive balance and communication, barriers I never realized existed. And the proof of the pudding? Months afterwards I am still making discoveries, because I am at last able to understand my horse's feedback.

When I rode with Col. Waldemar Seunig years ago, he said that all you need to learn to ride is "Geduld und Passion," patience and passion. You also need Randi Thompson, her unique ability not to teach you, but to open doors so you can teach yourself.

-Betsy Hudson, President - Eastern Maine Dressage Association


Randi ThompsonNow you can experience Randi's simple, yet amazing "Horse and Rider Awareness" exercises that will connect you with your horse quickly and safely.

Learn proven techniques that have been tested on 1000's of horses and riders.

The Horse Club is now forming! Join our monthly subscription program designed for riding instructors, horse trainers and those who would like to be. Each month we will focus on one topic. This includes a webinar and a Q and A session so that everyone is kept up to speed on the progress we will be following. Enroll in one the HARA Club today!

Meet Randi

Would you like to meet Randi live? She will be speaking at these premier equestrian events.

The grand daddy of all equestrian trade shows, The The Equine Affaire in Massachusetts November 13-16th. Springfield, Mass.

Do you need a speaker for your event? Contact Randi today!

In the Spotlight

Susan Faulkner Evans on Darrien. USDF Region 1 Championships, Intermediate 1. 3rd place. Check out their winning ride here: Region Champions. Susan and Darrien

Susan Faulkner Evans and Beau. USDF Region Champions. 2nd level. 8th place. (This was their 6th show showing at 2nd level!) Check out their winning ride: Region Championships. Susan and Beau

Congratulations to Susan Faulkner Evans and Mission Point USDF Dressage Finals 2013 AA Training Level Championship. 4th place 70.20 percent (under 3 judges)

Check out their winning USDF Finals ride by clicking here.

Camille Beatty Regional Winner

This is Camille Beatty who rides Marco Polo. In their first year of Dressage competition they competed at the USDF Region 1 Championships. They came in 2nd for the Junior Rider Equitation and 3rd Place at the Junior Rider Training Level Championship Class.

Check out their winning Regional ride by clicking here.

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